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Hard Cat To Follow

Just set off, distractions of warm showers and bacon in fridge prooved too much. Car has a reliant robinesque roll to it, making roundabouts a challenge in themselves. Currently making friends with land rovers on the M25. Its the little things.

Thanks again to Gareth and his team at for fitting our graphics for us!

Hard Cat To Follow

Car – covered in stickers, shopping trolley – on roof,  emergency cans of raviolli – in boot, directions – scribbled in the back of a note book, travel hamocks – tested, current warning lights on dashboard – 2. Ready.

Changing the sump…

So we decided it would be a good idea to ‘upgrade’ our old rusty sump to something a bit more…metallic.

Thank you to all those who have donated so far. We’ve just broken the £1000 mark if you include gift aid! If you’re yet to donate or want to check our progress – click here.

This is such an important landmark for a number of reasons:

  • We will be driving 13 x 1000 miles to Ulaanbaatar!
  • 1000 is binary for the number 8 which is a lucky number meaning to generate wealth in chinese culture – and Mongolia, our destination, is RIGHT BESIDE CHINA!
  • Тысяча is a famous 3 player Russion card game that translates as 1000, and we are travelling through Russia!
  • Mongolia begins with the letter M and as a Roman Numeral, M means 1000!
  • In the Holocene calendar the year 1000 is 11000 which when all the individual digits are added together = 2, which is the number of people in our team!
  • Mathematically, 1000! (factorial) has 2625 numbers in it, with 248 zeros at the end of it – if you add up the individual digits of 2625 and subtract from the digits of 248 summed togeather, you get 1, which when multiplied by 1000 equals 1000.  Weird huh?
  • If you take the number 1000 you can draw a smiley face with the middle two zero’s as eyes, the one as a nose, and the remaining zero as a mouth!

Fascinating stuff.

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