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A 2011 Mongol Rally Team

Hard Cat To Follow

Just set off, distractions of warm showers and bacon in fridge prooved too much. Car has a reliant robinesque roll to it, making roundabouts a challenge in themselves. Currently making friends with land rovers on the M25. Its the little things.

Thanks again to Gareth and his team at Stikit.co.uk for fitting our graphics for us!

Hard Cat To Follow

Car – covered in stickers, shopping trolley – on roof,  emergency cans of raviolli – in boot, directions – scribbled in the back of a note book, travel hamocks – tested, current warning lights on dashboard – 2. Ready.

Vehicle update…

Having considered our options, including ambulances, fire engines, cherry pickers, minivans, a hurse, a convertable (still tempted), a citreon C2X (not allowed) and a home made kit car….we have rationalised: With a budget for purchase of a car at £1000, we have narrowed it down to several makes and models commonly found on autotrader. Options: […]

Follow this route….

Just had an executive meeting with the team, Things are rolling along nicely with a new route, new plans and a whole new outlook on life. Next up, Visas, Car, and some more Home Catz. BaldCat

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