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We here at Hard Cat To Follow, like our friends at The Adventurists Club, want to support local charities and people in the area we are hoping to reach.

Not only are we hoping to deliver a perfectly working new(ish) car to the area, we are also raising money for the rally’s main charity. We’re aiming for £5000 between the team, which is a huge target and we need your support!  To donate, click the Make a donation button:

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Below is a bit of information about the charities we’re supporting.

Kids for Kids

The motto of this charity is a simple one: “we don’t believe in charity, we believe in helping people to help themselves”. And that is precisely what we here at Hard Cat To Follow are trying to support. Although we are not going anywhere near the area, Kids for Kids is making a long-lasting impact from such a small charity.
Some goats provided by the Kids for Kids charity
Based in Darfur, in the northeast African country of Sudan, Kids for Kids‘ main project is a Goat Loan Project. By loaning families 6 goats and giving them training, milk can be produced as well as offspring. These offspring can then help another family whose goats may have yet more offspring. And so the benefits of just 6 initial goats becomes widespread and long term, giving many children the taste of milk for the first time.

Taken straight from their website, this sums up what they’re doing nicely:

“KIDS FOR KIDS is different, because it enables people to improve their own lives in the way they want – by listening to the families themselves we help them in the most effective way. Our approach is unique. By providing a combination of initiatives – the provision of water, goat and donkeys loans, health care for humans and animals, livelihood training, animal husbandry, farming techniques, water harvesting, and long term improvement to the environment through our extensive tree planting programme – we are strengthening whole villages, making a major difference to the long term future of entire communities – despite the tragedy of the ongoing problems in Darfur.”

CNCF – Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

CNCF have a variety of projects in Mongolia that change the lives of kids who have often been given a pretty rough hand in life. The funds from the Mongol Rally support the running costs of the incredible Blue Skies Ger Village in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. All teams that support the village are invited to visit and meet the Country Manager, the staff and some of the kids in the village and all are left pretty much speechless with admiration at the work they do.

The Ger Village houses abandoned or homeless children and gives them a new chance in life with a safe place to live, education, and all the support of a family with their innovative techniques.

Each residential ger is staffed by a Ger Mother, often a single parent herself, who creates a loving home for the children. Older children help to care for the younger, and assist their ger mother with simple domestic chores. The team running the village is continually looking for innovative and effective ways to deliver a better environment for the children and funding has enabled a range of improvements.

At school age the children are enrolled alongside their peers at the local district school: learning within the community and gaining vital qualifications for later adult life.

The Ger Village is on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar and is enclosed with a large ‘Hasha’ (fence), which helps create a small community atmosphere.

CNCF doctors visit several times per week, and a team of two Managers, both themselves qualified doctors, are constantly on-hand to advise, protect and encourage the children. There are monthly outings, occasions of great excitement.

Wherever possible the Foundation seeks to reunite children with their families and assist the family face the future together.

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