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During the trip we are going to be driving. And then we may stop, before doing some more driving. Followed quickly by some more driving. With a bit more driving on the side. Did I mention we’ll be driving?

To keep us sane during the long hours – SEND US MUSIC. Instructions:

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This is the mockup…we’ll shortly be ordering the graphics so look out for this handsome punto strutting around your streets. Beautiful.

Photoshop of the Punto

The Photoshop

Now we’ve got a car, the paint job options are becoming overwhelming.  This is the current favourite, but it maybe somewhat deceiving:

The New Fiat Paint Job

I think Dan's got enough hair to pull this off. But the Russians might be disappointed.


We have just spent a good day and half buying, choosing and reviewing cars.  After 3 test drives and a £1000 transaction, here is the finished product:

The Fiat Punto - Active Edition

Our brand spanking new (used) car

The Fiat Punto - Active Edition

A rare side shot of the car in action

We’ve only gone and bought a Fiat Punto.  But that’s not all.  It’s an ‘Active’ edition.  We unfortunately couldn’t arrange a test drive in a lazy one, but without anything to compare to – it’s definitely worth every penny of the 100,000 pennies we put into it.

More photos to come.  It’s just a shame we didn’t buy three:

So the chaps over at the adventurists club have published some official statistics about the mongol rally.  It’s well worth a look:

Some official statistics of the Mongol Rally

The official statistics of the Mongol Rally

Vehicle update…

Having considered our options, including ambulances, fire engines, cherry pickers, minivans, a hurse, a convertable (still tempted), a citreon C2X (not allowed) and a home made kit car….we have rationalised:

With a budget for purchase of a car at £1000, we have narrowed it down to several makes and models commonly found on autotrader.

Old school convertible

An awesome old school convertible, ripe for driving to Mongolia in


  • Vauxhall corsa

new balance skate shoes

  • Fiat Punto
  • Citreon Saxo
  • Ford Fiesta

(still got my eye out for a cheap convertible though….)

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